We are very happy to welcome you to our UMANATIVE DESIGN shop !
Here you can find our biggest love - beautiful tribal, ethnic, native, indigenous unique jewelry.
For many years now we travel the world, collecting inspirations and materials from exotic and mysterious places beyond the sea. We love to create and to bring our own ideas into fashion, and therefor we created this special brand.
The inspiration for the designs comes from the ancient tribes who walked this planet for so many years, created and wore their jewelry as part of their religious ceremonies and social status. Our designs lean on these ancient civilizations concepts, with a modern interpretation to it.
The idea that stands behind the Umanative Design brand is the concept of going back to the roots of the human kind, back to our connection with nature, back to our source and to the heritage of our ancestors.
We believe that we are all just a one big happy tribe, helping and supporting each other on our way to conscious evolution. We chose to represent that by designing unique tribal ethnic jewelry, which will be a small reminder for you, to where we all come from ;)

All of our jewelry are hand made with love and care for the environment and fellow humans.
We are thankful that you've found the time to share our dream and visit our shop <3
The Unmanative team